Bohemian Apartment with Chic Elements and Cozy Features by Marcelo Couto

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A contemporary bohemian atmosphere with chic elements and cozy features is created by the Brazilian designer Marcelo Couto in an apartment located in the icon building of the Paulista Modern Architecture, built in 1964 by Rino Levi. The interior transformation of the apartment made by modern life dynamics is exploring the combination of highlighting the importance and grace of existing structural elements and adding upgraded facilities, finishings, and textures.

The architect created a dynamic juxtaposition between the gray surfaces: concrete, stone, and gray upholstery; and the warmth of the light wood used as cladding, furniture material, and decorative elements. This combination is warmed up and artistically vitalize by the presence of characteristic colorful defiles and leather furniture. The strong, diverse colors used both as decorative elements or accent in the furnishing, bring the artistic and vibrant atmosphere of this contemporary dwelling into new heights – offering a welcoming retreat with peaceful elements: thanks to the inner garden of the apartment and the vital plant life spread throughout the place.

The many whimsical elements; like a red dot amongst a monolith white structure in the kitchen, or an single yellow chair amongst its gray siblings, or the unusual shapes of some of the furniture – a replica of the year fashion in which the binding was originally constructed – not only pays homage to the apartments rich history but also attract the attention and create diversity of the interior.  All photos by Maíra Acayaba

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    By the way, who is the artist of these paintings in the walls?

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Bohemian Apartment with Chic Elements and Cozy Features by Marcelo Couto