Contemporary Urban Dwelling by Stephen Collins Interior Design

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Contemporary urban dwelling with bold colors and playful elements created by Stephen Collins Interior Design. The apartment is small but with vast panoramic windows that invite the Australian urban scenery into the modern interior. This openness of the premises to the dynamic urban life is softened by the tranquility and the sophisticated elegance of the large terrace that offers calm charm and promises relaxing times. Osier furniture with soft light upholstery combined with exotic greenery and small, delicate wooden furniture completes the serene sensation of the open terrace.

The living premises are interconnected into one dynamic combination – the kitchen, sitting and dining zone have only artistically implicit separations. The magnificent brass structure that combines the functions of bar and kitchen – countertop dominates the premise with its trendy presence and is artistically contrasted by the austerity of the dark navy blue walls.

Modem design pieces of furniture and decor elements are supplemented by soft textures and dynamic color combinations dominated of hues of blue and gray. The wooden furniture with its minimalist shapes combined with leather and exotic metal structures brings individuality and characteristic charm to the decor composition. Photography by  Tom Ferguson

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Contemporary Urban Dwelling by Stephen Collins Interior Design