Elegant and Sunny Y House by Ofist

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The quiet aesthetics, warm elegance and sunny emanation of this sophisticated dwelling located in Bodrum, Turkey is really capturing and worth exploring in details. The designers from Ofist had worked in close collaboration with the owners – a family that has years of experience with textures, materials, trends and fashionable details. So the final result of this collaboration is nothing short of magnificent.

The rich natural material palette is sourced and applied with “local taste“ according to the designers and the stone, wood and iron that compose this otherwise very mild decor are chosen carefully not only for their high quality but also for the historical heritage of the place that they now introduce into the interior of this beautiful villa. The typical reference to that is the free-flouting, ornamented second layer of the ceiling into the living room that is put as a model of an old, traditional wooden ceiling.

The living room represents and elegant entwinement of mild natural materials like stone and wood, soft textures and the most robust presence of black metal framing all exposed to the abundance of natural sunlight and romantic Mediterranean views.  The color tonalities of the house are sustained in natural pastel palette with dominating whites, grays and blues and the definitive accents of unpainted wood furniture – all so summery and fresh. Actually throughout the house the wooden furniture with its clear elegant lines and multiple variations of the same technique along with the trendy artistic lighting solutions are the focal point of each premise and create one cheeky and playful ambiance that will not leave you indifferent to the welcoming charm of this seaside dwelling.

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Elegant and Sunny Y House by Ofist