Green House with Rooftop Terrace Garden

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Singapore, of course, with its mild climate, great botanical variety and abundance of sunlight is a perfect place for designing and constructing houses with luxuriant plant life and let the beautiful living greenery define and vitalize the spaces. When Formwerkz Architects re-built this, generations owned, semi-detached house they use, to full advantage, the benefits of creating secluded and beautiful privet gardens. They constructed the house using layers of a green variety and provided distance-shelter from the outside world through green walls, cement pots, terrace-edge decoration and other plant life elements, which at the ends, give the house its character and charm.

Observed from the streets the facade of the house carries the intriguing and romantic spirit of concrete ruin overran with green life and mysteriousness.  The luxuriant greenery extends form the interior to the inner-premises of the house, wrapping itself through staircases and terraces, peeking upon windows and atriums, harmonizing with the wood cladding and natural materials selection of the designers, so that the final result is beautiful and vital- the plants bring fresh presence and dynamic life into the home.

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Green House with Rooftop Terrace Garden