Parisian Apartment by CUT Architects are Unique and Memorable

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Parisian chic? Light contemporary style? Urban dynamic? Yeh, it sounds familiar, but the experience and the character of this apartment project from CUT Architects are unique and memorable! Composed by precious walnut wood and fragile glass, crisp sun light and full dark surfaces, vintage hints and minimalistic modern approach towards the design expression- this two story loft located in romantic Paris presents us  not only with dynamic juxtaposition of design elements but also with very fresh and young spirit emanation of contemporary style.

The premise of the first floor is suited for the dynamic life-style of the owners and is uniting in one big open premise (perfect for fun social gatherings) the kitchen, dining and living room zones. Here in elegant glass bulb aquarium with smoothly curved angles the working space – study resigns artistically. The grey columns that define the symbolic space corners are supplemented by the presence of some original vintage features of the property (like the beautiful stone walls or the tall wooden doors and frames) – and this hint of the old city is successful entwined with the cheeky, artistic and innovative features of contemporary design and architecture.

Playful and unexpected touches like the dark texture of the walls and floors including on the second – children’s floor, or the casually spread designer’s lamps that look like rolling on the floors or hanging from wires, or of course- not to miss- the giant looking-like- haystack focal point of the living room that is actually a Cabana cabinet by the Campana Brothers – all of this whispers stylish, contemporary artistry in well dosed experimental twist and bold, dynamic approach.

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Parisian Apartment by CUT Architects are Unique and Memorable