Remodel of Suburban Home in Newton by Hacin + Associates

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Remodel of suburban home in Newton, Massachusetts by Hacin + Associates:  the traditional layout has been changed to a more smooth and refined, suitable for a young and modern family moved to a suburb from the big city. As a result, architects have completed a full renovation of the house with four bedrooms, interior decoration and interior design, while trying to give the residence a modern look and keep the traditional elements.

The remodel of this 1932 Tudor-style suburban home in Newton, Massachusetts re-imagines a traditional, compartmentalized layout into a more informal living arrangement for a young family moving to the suburbs from the city. The project included a full architectural renovation throughout this four bedroom home, as well as the design of all interior finishes, furniture, and fixtures. Rooms in the renovated home open directly to one another, providing long visual and physical connections accentuated by the use of natural materials that echo throughout the house. The colors and material choices were based on a study of traditional Tudor architecture and design; furnishings, carpet, and decorative lighting were chosen with an emphasis on visible craft and casual family comfort, giving a contemporary feel to the house while respecting its original historic-revival identity. Repetition, reinterpretation, and an emphasis on natural materials and hand-made features inform the integrated architectural and interior design concept.

Photo: Michael Stavaridis

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Remodel of Suburban Home in Newton by Hacin + Associates