Sunny Side of the Contemporary Trend in Apartment Design

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This two-level apartment, on the top floor of a house built in 1917 is located in Kharkov, Ukraine. The architects from Ki Design Studio introduced a large number of skylights into the renovation project, and in this way provided plenty of natural light and unique layouts for the premise. Spacious, playful, full of light and with quite unusual features – like the two floors high slide, the vertical green wall or the exquisite wooden cladding and furniture – the apartment emanates the sunny side of the contemporary trend in apartment design.

The materials are chosen to compose the new outlook of the apartment are natural, playful and easy to maintain. The light wood is supplemented by dark granite, ceramics, exposed brick walls painted in either black or white paint, and soft natural textiles in matching color tonality. The hexagonal beehive shape is repeated playfully throughout the apartment – like a tile in the bathroom, or custom made wooden cladding or even like e furniture piece – this gives a unique design signature that goes throughout the apartment like a thin red line.

The color scheme is rather mild: warm white, delicate light gray, graphite and, of course, an abundance of an oak tree – the material and the tonality that defines the space. Color accents are present also in the textiles – a saturated shade of turquoise dominates the upholstery of chairs, armchairs, and fabric covers, playful patterns are chosen for the cushions and the transparency of the glass rounds up together this elegant an modern home.

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Sunny Side of the Contemporary Trend in Apartment Design