Urban Loft Home With Astonishing Decor by Gasparbonta Studio

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How to transform the former studio of renowned Hungarian painter into contemporary urban loft home with astonishing decor and unique character and charm? The answer to this question is given to us by this project of Gasparbonta studio: vast open spaces, breathtaking views, strong and bold color and material palette and of course a lot of contemporary art and design pieces. A home to enjoy and experience.

The strong urban context of the loft design is implicated by the existing industrial features combined with clear geometry, raw material palette and unique and modernistic lighting scheme. The trendy black walls are supplemented by dark metal framing, gorgeous exposed brick wall and elements of wooden cladding and furniture, which add warmth and finesse to the composition.

The living premises that unite the kitchen, dining and entertaining zone have a visually astonishing focal point – the four by four meter window wall. This is cleverly supplemented by a composition of black walls and metal framing elements arranged around a warm wooden base and spiced up by colorful furniture and art pieces. In this way, the dynamic of the decor is contemporary and undoubtedly urban.

The kitchen zone is composed in one idea lighter tonalities, which brings cozy and comfy sensation- a necessity for a place with such functions. The modern and unique lighting scheme that goes like a black metal thread throughout the premises is a characteristic design touch that gives perfect visual consistency to the interior composition. The bold dashes of intense yellow, aquamarine and red are also part of that flexibility but also bring playful and young- spirited element to the decor.   Photography by Bálint Jaksa

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Urban Loft Home With Astonishing Decor by Gasparbonta Studio